The Evolution of Affiliate Marketing

Here’s part 3 of this month’s mini-series, “Affiliate Marketing Superstars.” I’ve been doing affiliate marketing for most of the decade just finished. Throughout this series, I’m going to share FOUR of my most elite and most secret methods for eclipsing the competition. Method number 3, if you choose to use it, can evolve your affiliate… Continue reading The Evolution of Affiliate Marketing

Introducing South Pacific Pro

I set up South Pacific Pro in July 2018 after noticing the trend towards software-as-a-service website builders and away from self-hosted websites. The new South Pacific Pro system was to inherit several websites that previously existed on wordpress. As South Pacific Pro was to use a different database structure to wordpress, the move required the… Continue reading Introducing South Pacific Pro

Mistake #2: doing something no one else was doing

Some people start a business because they want to “create” something. They fancy themselves as inventors or even artists. For example, think of those TV shows where people invent crazy contraptions and pitch them to a panel of investors, who usually tell them how worthless their product really is. This is one of the worst… Continue reading Mistake #2: doing something no one else was doing