The Evolution of Affiliate Marketing

Here’s part 3 of this month’s mini-series, “Affiliate Marketing Superstars.”

I’ve been doing affiliate marketing for most of the decade just finished. Throughout this series, I’m going to share FOUR of my most elite and most secret methods for eclipsing the competition.

Method number 3, if you choose to use it, can evolve your affiliate marketing to something potentially more remunerative and scalable. It builds on the foundation of methods number 1 and 2, which I revealed in the previous parts of this series.

Back in the day, I started a new contract that involved selling energy plans. I had two choices:

  1. get the daily base pay with a small commission per plan sold
  2. get no base pay and commissions only, but a greater commission amount

I was told the commission-only billing option was better for those who were able to make a lot of sales, while the combination billing option was designed for those who were still learning how to make sales.

I liken this to affiliate marketing. It’s a form of online advertising in which the billing option is per sale, but it may not always be the best billing option for your situation.

There are a number of billing options for online advertising:

  1. per sale
  2. per lead
  3. per click
  4. per impression
  5. per unit of time

There’s one observation you might make. With affiliate marketing, YOU don’t get to choose the billing option. The vendor does!
But that’s not the case with many of the other billing options.

If you’re selling banner ads on your website and charging per click or per month, then YOU get to choose the billing option and YOU get to set your own prices.

You also have the power of EXCLUSIVITY. If you’re getting paid affiliate commissions, chances are other affiliates are getting paid the same commissions for promoting the same offers.

If you’re selling ads through other billing options, you can offer your vendors a special ad spot that’s exclusive to your website. One that goes beyond a simple affiliate link and can embed content of the advertiser’s choice and rotate different advertisers based on who’s paying.

This is the EVOLUTION of affiliate marketing.

When I say evolution, I’m not necessarily talking about an evolution of the industry at large, but the evolution of your business.

In other words, this is how you can go from a specialist business owner who earns extra income from endorsing related third-party products, to a full-time online media mogul whose primary business model is advertising sales.

Not every affiliate marketer will want to do this, and you don’t have to. But for those who do, you have at your fingertips one of the greatest business models of our age.

If that’s so, then why aren’t more people doing this?

As always, it’s the technology that trips people up.

Selling exclusive ad spots requires more flexible software that can smart-insert dynamic content based on rules you set. Most affiliate networks don’t provide this.

In part 2 of this series, I discussed another feature that most affiliate networks don’t provide, and I explained that the solution is to recruit your vendors into affiliate networks that do provide that feature.

The same applies here. In order for your vendors to buy exclusive ad spots on your website, you need to be working with an affiliate network that supports that capability.

In any case, you will need to set up a sales process for any exclusive ad spots you offer. As part of that sales process, explain to your advertisers how to sign up with the affiliate network of your choice. Simple.

You also need to be creating enough content and driving enough traffic to your website to make your exclusive ad spot a good deal. For this reason, even I haven’t started offering exclusive ad spots on my website just yet. At this stage, I’m just setting up the technology in anticipation for when I am ready for it.

If the content creation and audience building scares you, you’re not ready for this method.

Otherwise, it’s probably just the technology that scares you.

That’s fine, because I’m currently writing a book that will walk through every step of setting up this technology, from choosing a capable affiliate network to configuring the billing options within.

Please send me a message or comment below if you’re interested in this book. If you contact me before the end of FEBRUARY 2020, you will get the whole book for FREE and I’ll share the content with you as I write it.

If you’re not sure whether you need this book, then don’t forget there is still ONE more part to this series, “Affiliate Marketing Superstars.”

This will reveal my final elite and secret method for affiliate marketing. I will share it right here, 100% free, in the next few days.

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