Add Tabular Content to Your Site

Screenshot of an example table

If you look at your the content editor in your WordPress admin area, you will see buttons to format your content as bold, italic, struck through etc.

  • You can make lists.
  • Like this one.

You can add quotations.

There is no button that allows you to add a table – but that doesn’t mean you can’t add a table to your site. You just need to know how.

How to do it

  1. Head over to (a free table generator)
  2. Click on Table Size to select the size of your table
  3. Click on the HTML tab and copy the code
  4. In your WordPress editor, click on the Text tab
  5. Paste the HTML code where you want your table
  6. Click on the Visual tab and add content to your table*

*Note: For some reason, your WordPress editor will automatically insert a space character when you click on a table cell to add content, so make sure to press the Backspace or Delete key to remove it.

  1. Click on the Preview button to see how your table looks

Your designer should have installed styles on your site to make your table look good – like the one below.

Table Code Means
<table> Contains the whole table
<tr> Table row
<th> Table heading
<td> Table cell

Here to help

  • You’re having trouble creating a table?
  • Your table looks ugly?
  • You’d like a button in your content editor to generate a table?

Contact me and we can work together to get tabular content onto your site.