Genesis Framework 2.2.0 is the new release for 2015. It brings accessibility improvements, SEO updates and a lot of minor details.

The parent theme, however, isn’t the only product that’s been updated.

Reasons to Use Genesis

The documentation website, Reasons to Use Genesis, is now up to date with changes in Genesis 2.2.

Reasons to Use Genesis
Reasons to Use Genesis

I am aiming to have Reasons to Use Genesis eventually document every single Genesis feature, hook, filter, shortcode and function. There’s a mailing list that you can join for daily updates.

Genesis Advanced Edits 1.3

Genesis Advanced Edits is a plugin that empowers you to edit a greater range of content areas in your Genesis theme and configure your site in ways beyond those available in the standard Genesis settings.

Editing the entry header with Genesis Advanced Edits
Genesis Advanced Edits

Version 1.3 is an essential update that allows for compatibility with Genesis 2.2. It also introduces some new features:

Remember, the above are in addition to the many existing features!

Cauliflower 1.2

Cauliflower 1.2 is a maturer version of a simple Genesis child theme. Features of the new version:

Remember, the above are in addition to the many existing features!

Screenshot of the Cauliflower theme
Cauliflower theme

I elected not to add theme support for genesis-accessibility because I’d like to wait to see how StudioPress premium themes handle it. I’m not an early adopter!