Is Google a social media platform?

Is Google a social media platform?

I say yes, because Google’s business model is exactly the same as Facebook’s.

They both sell advertising. Where there’s advertising, there’s content, and where do Google and Facebook source their content? By having content creators effectively “donate” it to them.

(I say “donate” because Google and Facebook don’t pay for their content, they get it for free.)

The difference is HOW content creators “donate” their content to Google vs. to Facebook.

When you “donate” content to Facebook, you do it directly and knowingly. You access the app or the website, deliberately write a post for Facebook and you hit Publish.

The way to “donate” content to Google is indirect and can happen without the content creator’s knowledge. They have to create their own website, and then Google automatically scrapes that website for content, which will then re-appear in Google along with ads.

If someone doesn’t want to contribute content to Facebook, it’s simple. Just don’t do it.

If someone doesn’t want to contribute content to Google (and they have their own website,) it’s not quite so simple. You have to deliberately let Google know you don’t want to be included. If you do nothing, Google will assume you’re fine with them scraping your content. They don’t even notify you.

I don’t know about you, but this doesn’t sit well with me.

What if someone doesn’t know about how Google works? What if they are unaware that their content is being scraped and used to generate ad revenue that is not being shared with them? What if they don’t know that they need to opt-out?

In this case, it’s actually less like people DONATING content to Google, and more like Google STEALING their content.

This is why I’m of the opinion that Google is far worse than Facebook.

We don’t need to “donate” content to Google or Facebook anymore, because there’s a NEW kind of social media on the scene.

When you post to this new kind of social media, the platform doesn’t get your content for free. They PAY you for it, in proportion to the amount of ad revenue that it generates.

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