Introducing South Pacific Pro

I set up South Pacific Pro in July 2018 after noticing the trend towards software-as-a-service website builders and away from self-hosted websites.

The new South Pacific Pro system was to inherit several websites that previously existed on wordpress. As South Pacific Pro was to use a different database structure to wordpress, the move required the re-structuring of a large volume of data.

There were three wordpress sites that South Pacific Pro was to inherit:

South Pacific Pro (new site)

South Pacific Pro is a website builder for home business companies and top earners. This would be a new site that did not exist previously on wordpress.

South Pacific Pro (marketing site)

A collection of free courses about multi-level marketing and online marketing was to be re-purposed to market South Pacific Pro to prospective customers.

Ask Carlo

This website is the brand for my personal services and products, excluding South Pacific Pro. It was to be a test case for the South Pacific Pro platform.

What This Involved

Here are some structural features of South Pacific Pro that the old wordpress data needed to fit into:

  • payment processing
  • automated registration
  • enable customers to control a network of websites for their downline
  • enable customers to white label their network
  • enable customers to run a marketplace between their downline
  • enable customers to embed education for their downline
  • selective module activation

Here are some of the areas for the first set of courses that the old wordpress data needed to be re-organised into:

  • lead generation
  • sales
  • branding
  • market research
  • copywriting
  • personal finance