Genesis 2.2 is expected to be released soon, and it will bring some major changes to the way the entry meta (also known as the post info and post meta) is handled.

Most of these changes are ‘under the hood’, but there is one big difference you will notice on your sites:

The entry meta for attachments and custom post types will disappear, and you’ll have to install code to manually re-enable them after updating Genesis.

… unless you’re already using Genesis Advanced Edits.

If you’re relying on entry meta for attachments and custom post types, the best way to ensure a smooth transition over to Genesis 2.2 is to install Genesis Advanced Edits first.

You’ll just need to select the post types for which you want to enable entry meta (both in the entry header and entry footer) and the content you want, like so:

Editing the entry header with Genesis Advanced Edits

Genesis Advanced Edits 1.3 will be released alongside Genesis 2.2. Install both updates and your entry meta for attachments and custom post types will remain intact.

Another bonus of using Genesis Advanced Edits that you can enable entry meta for Pages, which is currently not otherwise possible.

Beta Testers

For those of you who have already updated to Genesis 2.2.0-beta1, you can grab the new version of Genesis Advanced Edits from GitHub.