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When I started my first online business at age 15–16, I decided not to outsource the website installation and coding like a normal person. Instead, I just learned how to do it all myself.

The popular method at the time was WordPress, and it was HAAARD!

You would have to install 20+ plugins from 20+ different developers to get it to do what you wanted. You would end up with a cluttered and confusing admin screen, not to mention when the plugins don’t play nice with each other!

If WordPress was this frustrating for a young man with too much time on his hands, imagine how frustrating it would be for a super-busy business owner with no interest in tech!

That’s why I decided to start providing websites that are simple to update and operate.

These are the tech jobs I routinely do for my own and others’ online businesses:

  • Set up South Pacific Pro sites (my own platform)
  • Set up WordPress sites
  • Set up LeadPages or ClickFunnels sites
  • Tweak your design or theme (especially Genesis themes)
  • Set up your site for SEO
  • Fix most bugs with your website
  • Custom-code your site to do things that other sites don’t do
  • Give you advice about what to use your website for

How advanced are my coding skills? The average online business owner finds that I’m advanced enough for their needs.

I specialise in migrating website data:

  • migration to a new domain
  • migration to a new host
  • migration to a new domain AND host
  • migration to a different path
  • migration to a different subdomain
  • migration to a new CMS
  • migrating partial content
    • migrating posts
    • migrating widgets
    • migrating media
    • migrating taxonomies
  • migration into a network
  • migration out of a network
  • migration between networks
  • migration between online and offline

Past Projects

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