Do you own more than one domain for your business? For example, if you’re based in Australia, you might own and also

It’s a good idea to own multiple similar domains like this, for a few reasons:

  1. To ensure that any of your customers who try to go to the ‘wrong’ domain are able to still find you.
  2. To stop your competitors from nabbing domains similar to yours and taking advantage of your customers getting your domain ‘wrong’.

Although you can only use one domain for your site, you can forward your other domains to the one you do use. For example, you might use for your site, because it tells your customers (and search engines) that you’re based in Australia, but also forward to

This means that any customer who tries to visit will automatically get escorted to

Because you’re forwarding the whole domain, it also means that if they try to visit, they’ll get taken to, and if they try to visit, they’ll get taken to, and if they try to visit, they’ll get taken to

You get the idea.

How to do it

Whenever my client owns more than one domain, I always ensure that their alternative domains are successfully forwarded to their domain of choice. Here’s how I do it and how you can do it.

  1. Sign into your account with the company with which you registered the alternative domain you want to forward.
  2. Find the section to set up URL Forwarding.
  3. If you’re asked to enter a subdomain, leave the field blank.
  4. Where you’re asked to enter the domain to forward to, enter the domain you use for your site.
  5. If you’re asked to select between Redirect and Masked, select Redirect.
  6. Click on the save button.

The process will vary between domain companies. Here’s a screenshot from, the domain company I use.

Screenshot showing how to forward a whole domain with
URL forwarding with

The forwarding should take effect instantly. Test it out and you’re done.

Having trouble?

Contact me and I’ll help you out.