Clicks Not Bricks (The Trend Is Your Friend)

More and more people are realising that the traditional economy doesn’t work anymore (or never did work). That blue chip corporations equal security and stability is a myth. Job losses are happening all the time in banks, media organisations and the like.

More and more people are looking to take responsibility for their own income and the Internet allows them to do that. But what product does an Internet entrepreneur sell, exactly?

The short answer is, it’s information.

The industrial age is over and we are now in the information age. People are willing to hand over their money in exchange for information on a specific subject, and there are many advantages to selling online information products as opposed to hard goods:

  • They cost little to produce, so there’s little risk if they don’t sell
  • They cost nothing to reproduce, so they’re highly profitable
  • They can be set up and selling in a matter of hours
  • The transactions can be fully automated, so they can be selling while you’re asleep

If you’re interested in the merits of selling online information products, get in touch and I can discuss with you further.