The Nerve Centre of Affiliate Marketing

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Let’s conclude this month’s mini-series with a recap.

I’ve been doing affiliate marketing for most of the decade just finished. Throughout this series, I’ve shared FOUR of my most elite and most secret methods for eclipsing the competition.

In part 1 of “Affiliate Marketing Superstars,” I explained how the online marketplace approach to affiliate marketing enables you to manage hundreds of affiliate offers without being chaotic and disorganised.

In part 2, I explained how to earn follow-up commissions on your affiliate offers by recruiting your vendors into affiliate networks of your choice.

In part 3, I explained how changing the billing model of affiliate marketing can grant you EXCLUSIVITY over other affiliates. That is, you can have your vendors buy an exclusive ad spot with YOU and you only, rather than open up their offer to thousands of affiliates.

My final method is even more exclusive still.

How so? If you sell your own exclusive ad spot, it doesn’t stop other affiliates from selling their own exclusive ad spots and competing with you for advertisers.

The way to stop that is to move competing affiliates under your own influence and have them join your OWN affiliate network.

The choice of billing models still applies. You can charge per sale and be selling your vendors a whole network of affiliates, or per click and be selling them ad spots on a whole network of sites.

When you have your own network, you can of course do anything at all. The catch is YOU are the one who is responsible for recruiting affiliates and motivating them to promote (or sell their own exclusive ad spots under your network.)

The simplest way to do this is gather up your advertisers and let them join your affiliate network.

If you want your advertisers to turn into affiliates, then you need to provide them coaching and account managers to help them grow their own audiences. This is because you’re effectively selling advertising to those audiences and you have a vested interest in those audiences to exist and be high quality.

This method is one that very few will apply, but it represents the final step in building an online media empire.

Remember, the affiliate network is the NERVE CENTRE of affiliate marketing.

That means that the success of everyone else in the picture rests on the shoulders of whoever manages the affiliate network. How the network is set up (technology wise) determines a lot about whether affiliates will be interested in joining, what they are able to do once they join and how successful they can be.

Like the previous parts of this series have shown you, affiliates want:

  1. to be able to set up hundreds of offers easily
  2. to get follow-up commissions
  3. to be able to sell exclusive ad spots.

Anyone who sets up an affiliate network should set up one that provides these three benefits through the right technology.

If the right technology (and the benefits) are not present, affiliates will choose not to join that network. They’ll instead join a network that DOES provide these benefits!

The book I am currently writing showcases how this technology works from the affiliate’s perspective, and how it can be installed and set up by affiliate network owners who want their affiliates to access the three benefits.

So far, I’m thinking the title of this book will probably be “How to Create an Online Marketplace.”

Please send me a message or comment below if you’re interested in this book. If you contact me before the end of FEBRUARY 2020, you will get the whole book for FREE and I’ll share the content with you as I write it.

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